Personal Injury Law : How to Take Actions

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personal injury law


Personal injury means an injury to your body or mind. And nothing gets more personal than your body and soul! So after an injury it’s obvious to get medical attention first.

But what if someone else caused you that injury? Then you will have the legal rights to sue him and get recovery from him or her. But how can you get recovery for an injury? Because a car’s damage can be valued with money, on the other hand your body is priceless. That is why personal injury law determines damage types by economical and non-economical damages.

Economical Damages

Like I said earlier, some damages can be allocated with the value of money. Usually, damage of personal property is considered as economical damages.

As an example, if your car just had an accident, you have to repair it. So the repair costs will be considered as the damage value. Unless the accident happened, you did not have the reason to cost all that money anyway.

Non-Economical Damages

Personal injuries are considered as non-economical damages. These damages can’t be measured with economical value. So how can you get damage recovery for those? Well, for the injuries you must be treated with medical care. And they are not cheap always.

So the along with medical bills, all the costs you have to make to recover from your injury will be considered as the value of damage recovery.

Suppose after a slip and fall you had to spend $200 for medical expense. Now the person who was at negligence will owe you that $200 for the accident.

How to Take Action

Personal injury law is not a walk in the work. It can be real complex sometimes. Besides, after an accident you might not be in a shape to handle such procedures also. So first thing I will suggest you to do are getting a personal injury lawyer to aid you.

What a Lawyer Will Do

After you get a lawyer he or she will do the followings to get you your damage recovery:

  1. Collect evidences about the accident.
  2. Talk to witnesses and collect their contact information.
  3. File a case in the court.
  4. Set up a negotiation with the opposing party.
  5. Defend you in the trial in case the negotiation fails.

Napoleon Bonaparte once said that, “Soldiers generally win battles; generals get credit for them.” And lawyers will work as a soldier in your case. That’s why they are considered as officers of the court.

So after an Injury get a lawyer and sue the guilty one. Take time to recover yourself and let your lawyer worry.


Stephen Zee



  1. Sophia J.

    January 2, 2014 at 1:04 am

    There simply are no hard and fast rules on how to conduct injury settlement negotiations. Every case is different. If you are trying to settle your own personal injury case directly with the adjuster, you have to do what feels right to you. It is a delicate process. If you reduce your demand too quickly, you might leave some money on the table, but, if you don’t reduce it quickly enough, the adjuster might lose interest and not increase his/her offer.

  2. Philip Martin

    January 2, 2014 at 1:07 pm

    I will strongly advice to make sure that the company that pays the money out over the years is very highly rated. Because, if the company fails or announces bankruptcy, your structured settlement is gone. This means that there is a small element of risk in a structured settlement. Remember that almost everything about a structured settlement can be negotiated, but it wont be possible if you provider is flushed out.

  3. Mark S.

    January 4, 2014 at 6:04 am

    The global accident statistics are really shocking. My friend Dan was in a hospital for months after a fatal crash. Thanks to his lawyer, that his settlement covered up his whole healthcare expense. And got him a new life as well.
    I had a neighbor once who had some crazy driving skills. But she always used to drive safely on the road. Yet, she had a fatal accident because somebody ran off a red light and hit her truck pretty badly. So its not always safe to be safe for yourself. It’s better to have a lawyer who you can call right away after such incidents.

  4. Donna Willson

    January 4, 2014 at 9:01 pm

    If you’re involved in an injury claim, the first thing that you have to do, before you can start negotiating a settlement, is to put your own value on the case. You can’t negotiate until you know how much money you are looking for. In deciding how much to settle for, your goal is to settle the case for what a jury in your jurisdiction might award if you won at trial, while taking into consideration your chances of actually winning the case. Read on to learn more.

  5. Jeremy Nickels

    January 5, 2014 at 5:02 pm

    Let tell you what I think. Suppose, at one end of the spectrum is a car accident case involving rear end collision, where the chances of winning the case at trial are pretty close to 100% no matter what court you’re in. You don’t need to worry about what juries have been doing on those cases; you’re most likely going to win. But at the other end of the spectrum might be a very difficult products liability (defective product) or medical malpractice case, or even a car accident case in which the evidence is against you. In those types of cases, your chances of winning might be as low as 10%. Once you have a real sense of what your chances of winning at trial are, then you can think about damages.

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