How to Maintain Automobile Safety & Auto Accident Attorney

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Auto Accident Attorney

Once upon a time people had to walk for miles to get to somewhere. But after the revolution of steam engines mankind got the taste of automobiles. Now anywhere is just a drive away. And car is a part of our everyday life. And that’s why E.B White said that, “Everything in life is somewhere else, and you get there in a car.”

But with major uses, major faults come along. And this is why car accidents are a frightening element for drivers. Here are some statistics to show what I am really talking about:-

Car Accident Statistics of USA

  1. Number of average car accident death every day is around 104, that makes it over 37,000 deaths every year.
  2. 70% road kills are among people aged 15 to 44.
  3. Nearly 400,000 deaths each year of people aged fewer than 25.
  4. 8,000 deaths each year involving drivers aged 16 to 20.
  5. Cost of road accidents each year is US$ 230.6 billion each.

There are a lot of accident laws to prevent and reduce car accidents. But the government alone is not capable enough to handle such a problem alone without co-operation of the mass people. So there are a few things we have to do as well.

Auto Recall

Auto recall is the admittence of the manufacturer that a vehicle from their production line has a defect. An auto recall is compulsury if:

  1. A vehicle does not go along with the Federal Motor Vehicles Safety Standard. This includes defect in motor vehicle equipments components and chasis.
  2. The vehicle has a safety related defect. This includes:
  1.             Equipments causing failure to control the vehicle.
  2.             Defective wheels.
  3.             Improper design of seats.
  4.             Electricity wiring problems.
  5.             Protective equipments that doesn’t work, like seat belts or air bags. Etc.

What to do

Basically, auto recalls are initiated by the manufactures. And you will be notified of the problem. Others are initiated by NHTSA Investigation or by vehicle owners complaint.

When you get notified about the recall you should contact the manufacture or dealer for a repair, refund or replacement. But if for some reason you are refused to get any of those then you can get a product liability attorney to file a lawsuit. And in case of an accident relating to this, you can contact an auto accident attorney.


Did you know, that billions of people die each year globally because of car accidents? Not only that, its also declared as a major reason of deaths. So you must not only drive properly, you car must be in the condition to handle the driving as well.


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